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IT innovation dedicated to agri-food.

Agronica is a reality of excellence in the development of software solutions for the agri-food sector.
It is based on the first experience of Informatization of Farms followed by the Emilia Romagna Region and some Universities.
Since then, its mission is to produce and transfer specific solutions with exclusive dedication, placing the central role of synergy between the best technologies, agronomic and food technical skills, research and innovation, know-how of multiple types of industry.
The staff is highly professional and consists of specialists in agro-food disciplines, as well as IT profiles; partners are the most qualified in the field of technology and skills over the life cycle of agricultural products and food processing, in research and services.

Projects and reference market. Thanks to the wide spread of its products and services, Agronica has a broad and diverse range of customers for both representativity and number, we cite only a few examples: national level farmers associations and other structures for services in agriculture, food industry and supply chains; Producers' Organizations, consortia of defense and commercial promotion consortia, cooperatives and private structures that aggregate primary production and carry out food processing or transformation.

Agronica is constantly engaged in national and international research and innovation projects. Projects that contribute to the growth of their skills and solutions and where the most advanced computerized management technologies and paradigms apply with specific dedication to the sector.
There are many experiences in the various production contexts (Fruit, Vegetables, Enology, Cereal, Tomato and other industrial vegetables, Zootechnics, Tobacco, Seeds, etc.). With a wide variety of subjects involved in production and services (Colleges, Cooperatives, Consortiums, Transformers and Industries, Trade Associations, etc.), collaborating with important Universities and Research Centers in a variety of applications (Precision Farming, Crop Management, Crop Research, Agricultural Engineering, Traceability, Phenological Monitoring and Adversity, Costs of Production and Management Control.

GIAS is Agronica's reference platform is a true "Agricultural ERP" consisting of a series of modular and integrated processes that solve all the management needs of the Agricultural and Manufacturing Companies, providing the tools to make them competitive and efficient.
The application is aimed at individual companies, cooperatives, consortia, op, transformers, industries and supply chains in general, business support structures, government and public and private development agencies. It organizes all primary production processes (Crop) and specific product sectors with dedicated solutions (GIAS Winery, GIAS Fresh & Food, ...).