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Rruga e Kavajes, ND. 126, Sh.3,Ap.46


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +355 68 206 6483

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ADAD Malore is an agricultural association, created in 1996 with activities in the field of agriculture and rural development. Now ADAD Malore has become a strong producers’ organization focused in mountainous areas of Albania.
ADAD is a juridical subject and its activity is in accordance with the statute and regulation of the Albanian state. Licensed with a NIPT it liquidates all the tax obligations according to the actual regulations. ADAD has been actively involved in the development of several services to meet the needs of its members but not only, mainly in the arboriculture sector but also in rural development issues (contributions to programs based on local initiatives: agriculture, handicrafts, agro-tourism)
The mission of ADAD Malore is supporting the activities of producers to improve the social – economic level. Main activity of the organisation is to realise activities with regional and national importance mainly in: agriculture (fruit culture, corn, vineyard, beekeeping, etc.); ii) in the rural development (tourism & handicraft) and reduction of poverty and improvement of nut forests.
There are many different fresh and processed products where the mainly product is apple, about 20000 tons (Starking, Golden, Fuji, Granny Smith), other fresh products are: Plums 100 tons, Pomegranate 100 tons, Cherry 20 tons, Peach 300 tons. The processed product are: Apple juice 200000 liters, apple cider vinegar 45000 liters, dried fig 200 tons and dried plums 120 tons.
Standard system for food safety and quality: Global G.A.P.
Main Export Market: Italy, Germany, Greece, Serbia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Croatia etc.
Main Market channels: Supermarket chain, wholesale market, retail shop.