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NP (MgO) (2) with zinc (Zn) 6-12.

A-Z Fert 6-12 is an organo-mineral NP fertilizer, combining a high content of macro and micronutrients with the quality of organic matter, biological organic carbon and the Trichoderma harzianum microorganism from rhizosphere. The high percentage of biological carbon makes this product able to enhance the creation of organo-mineral aggregates, so as improving the physical characteristics of soil (structure, permeability, water retention capacity, softness). Its supply improves the growth of useful microorganisms, stimulates root development and prevents the proliferation of soil pathogens, carrying out a kind of competition for space and nutrition. In the soils where A-Z Fert 6-12 is applied, the Cation-exchange (CEC) and buffering capacities improve, also gradually increasing the availability of macro and micronutrients

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Hydro Fert s.r.l.

Hydro Fert s.r.l.



Fertility is our field.
We primarily focus on agriculture, and we do it from here, our company. A place where technology, research and sustainability combine to produce specialty fertilizers, which help farmers to improve both quality and productivity of their cultivations.
A seed planted in 2002 by Riccardo Salerno and Mario Frisardi, which today has become a strong and solid company, made of people, ideas and projects.
Our roots are in Apulia, Italy, but we're open outwards. We take part at international fairs and export our products worldwide, also collaborating with some universities: this is the only way to grow and make our customers grow too.
+100 products
+30% growth rate last 5 years
+10 Italian regions covered

A greener land.
We are a sustainable company, working to keep both agricultural development and respect for environment together. Everything starts from here, in order to produce fertilizers in harmony with nature. A sustainable agriculture is a healthier and richer agriculture, since it protects land, water and climate.
A vision that results in real actions: producing fertilizers based on organic formulations, encouraging farmers toward an integrated and responsible fertilization, and guiding the research toward ever-sustainable solutions.
We've come a long way, though we're still willing to carry on. Towards a greener future.

We do research. To find new solutions.
Our most exciting challenge is to continuously improve what we do. It's all about product's quality, our customers’ satisfaction and a healthy agriculture.
From laboratories to land: our high-quality fertilizers follow their steps from the hard work of our researchers and technicians to the fields, where we carry out accurate tests to check the effects of our products in different conditions. Only then they can be added to our products catalogue. A way to guarantee quality, safety and effectiveness.
This is the result of an approach combining specialized skills, cutting-edge technologies and collaborations with research institutes like Agricultural science and technology Department and the Chemistry Department in the University of Bari.
For us, innovation is not only a beautiful word, but it's also an everyday behaviour.

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