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1-MCP is the Most effective ethylene inhibitor
A breakthrough technology in fruit storage and shipping
Maintains fresh-picked quality of crops by working with natural ripening process:
With 1-MCP, ethylene-sensitive crops don't respond to ethylene
Eliminates the damaging affects of ethylene to keep the fresh-picked quality to the consumer.
1-MCP product can be used in several ethylene-sensitive fruits, vegetables and flowers. By effectively inhibiting the effect of endogenous and exogenous ethylene, 1-MCP can reduce the respiratory rate of plant and achieve the following effects:
  • Maintain the firmness and freshness of fruits and vegetables;
  • Maintain the fresh apparence of fruits, vegetables and flowers;
  • Maintain the flavor of fruits, vegetables and flowers;
  • Reduce the weight loss of fruits and vegetables caused by respiration;
  • Extend the florescence of potted plants and cut flowers;
  • Reduce the physiological disease incidence during logistics;
  • Improve the plant resistance to diseases.

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SPM Biosciences (Beijing) Inc.

SPM Biosciences (Beijing) Inc.



Beijing PLM Biosciences Co., Ltd is dedicated to research and supply most effective, safe and environment friendly agrochemicals to the customers. To promote reduction of the crop production cost, improve the efficiency of the postharvest food chain, and bring the healthy fresh crops to the consumers are the main mission of PLM.

Beijing PLM Biosciences Co., Ltd collaborates with the leading research institutes and works on the ethylene inhibitor to cope with the problems of post-harvest industries, such as high cost, high energy consumption and in consistent quality of traditional cold storage. It also can reduce the health and environment risks brought by chemical application, etc. PLM's products are innovative, environment friendly, non-GMO, easy-to-use biological products.

The flagship product MECYPRO is the world's revolutionary Ethylene inhibitor to keep the ethylene sensitive fruit, vegetables and flowers fresh. The active ingredient of MECYPRO is 1-MCP. MECYPRO is the most effective post-havest product to keep the crops staying the good quality to consumers. It helps farmers,shipper packers,logistics, wholesalers and retailers to maintain the quality of fresh produce, improve management efficiency and reduce the loss.

With MECYPRO, our partners greatly reduce the energy consumption, green house gas emissions, and contribute to the protection and sustainable development of agriculture.

In addition to post-harvest products, PLM is also aiming on the grow of crops. PLM works on key quality improvement process of food crops, fruits, vegetables and flowers; focuses on the plant life management for improving the value and efficiency of the food chain!

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